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MONTE is able to produce visualisations of each stand of the forest. After compiling the plan, the future states of the stands, when managed according to the plan, can also be visualised. The prescribed treatments can be shown together with the graphical visualisations. Through visualisation the forest owner and the planner can see, in an easily understandable way, the consequences of implementing the plan.

MONTE can also produce landscape level visualisations The forest landscape can be visualised from different viewpoints, and the future landscapes related to alternative plans can be compared. Landscape level visualisations require a digital elevation model in raster format, which shows the elevation of the terrain at systematic intervals in x and y directions (e.g. at 10 or 20 m intervals). The compartment number of each raster cell must also be known. The elevation model and the compartment raster cannot be produced in MONTE, but they must be calculated in GIS software and imported to MONTE.

MONTE can also generate VRML models that represent individual stands or parts of the landscape (VRML = Virtual Reality Modelling Language). The VRML models allow the user to visualise the forest using web programs such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator. This type of visualisation is based of photographs of trees, and is therefore photorealistic. The VRML models allow the user to move within the forest which produces the effect of virtual reality.

Muestra de un modelo de realidad virtual en una parcela forestal.Snapshot of a virtual reality model.