Foreco Technologies, simulation and management forest
technology applied to forest
forestry research and development

ForEcoTechnologies develops information systems for forest management planning, forestry scenario analyses, optimisation of forest management, and calculation of forest inventory results.

ForEcoTechnologies also participates in forest research and development projects. Our team continuously produces scientific articles that are published in refereed scientific journals. The systems we develop are based on the latest scientific knowledge in the fields of forest planning, inventory, and growth and yield.

ForEcoTechnologies has developed information systems to support decision making in forest management at the stand and the forest levels. These systems enable the user to develop scientifically justified management instructions for stands, and derive treatment prescriptions for stand compartments and forests analytically from the inventory data and the management goals specified for the forest.

ForEcoTechnologies also offers consultant services in forest planning, modelling, silvicultural management and other fields related to forest management.

Our team has plenty of experience on forestry planning, modelling, and forest inventory. This experience has been acquired through projects and assignments in several European, African and Asian countries.